Athletic Specific Training

In-Person or Online  |  Individual or Group Training

Athletes are becoming faster and stronger today. Athletes from every sport have to have the ability to move quickly in every direction. Strength plays a major role in every sport and helps prevent injuries.


Faster andStronger

In-Person or Online  |  Individual or Group Training

Athletes today are faster and stronger than ever before. In every sport they need to be able to move quickly and be able to produce power in order to perform at the highest level.

Sport Specific

Experience + Expertise

Brandon Raine is a certified strength and conditioning specialist with a exercise physiology degree. Brandon has worked with professionals and beginners in multiple sports. Brandon has also competed professionally in golf and knows first hand what it takes to take training to the next level.

In-Person & Virtual

Fully Customized

Whether you are in season or out, on the road or at your gym, Brandon can create the right program with the equipment that you have access too.

Built For You

All Levels

Brandon works with a range of clients from professional athletes to people who are looking to move and try a new sport.

Results Oriented Approach

Our Proven Strategy to Peak Performance

01.  Assesment

Athlete will undergo a complete series of questions and a physical assessment. During this time Brandon will listen to your goals and provide professional input. Also during the assessment stage Brandon will ask about your medical and physical history in order to know your physical capabilities. The final stage of the assessment is a strength and movement routine screen.

02.  Team Collaboration

Brandon will take the assessment findings to your coach(es) and your medical team (if applicable). Brandon will work with your team to learn about your movement patterns and areas of improvement so that he can custom build an exercise program that works in harmony with what you are focused on outside of the gym.

03.  Training Block

Once all of the data is collected and all applicable team members have been consulted, Brandon will create a customized program that will help you get to the next level. After the program has been created and shared, it’s time to get to work! Brandon, will work with you in-person and virtually to hold you accountable and also ensure exercises are being done correctly. Brandon always focuses on excellent form, education, and breathing.

04.  Repeat

As your body and goals continue to improve, we keep repeating the process of assessment, collaboration, and training. Generally we do multiple assessments each year and build your training program around peaking at the right time of the year.


I have been working with Brandon for the last few years and in that time I have been playing pain free and improved over 30 yards in driving distance

Anthony, Pro Athlete

I have known Brandon for years and have used his programs to keep me at the top of my game


I started working with Brandon after I had shoulder surgery. He helped me able to get back to my active lifestyle sooner than I could have ever imagined

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